Over-crammed dorms means Ohio students move to waterpark

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Thirty students at Capital University in Ohio will have their residence study rooms replaced with water slides temporarily after the school ran out of dormitory space.

NPR reported the university outside of Columbus, OH, found more students than usual were interested in living on campus and they didn't have enough rooms for everyone.

The solution? Free water slides for 30 overflow students, at least until spaces open up on campus, according to 10TV. The resort where they'll be staying, Fort Rapids Waterpark, has similar rooms to the university's suite-style dorms, according to the story.

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10TV reported the school would set up a shuttle bus to the university and send staff to the water park while the students live there.

Some students on Twitter stamped their virtual feet in unfairness that they were never given the resort treatment in university.

Others joked Capital University could see an even bigger influx of applicants to residence after the news about the water park blew up.

Any of the lucky students skipping classes in the first few weeks of school can likely be found in a hot tub.

(Photo credit: Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort/Facebook)