Must-see videos of the week – July 5

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
Guy Opens Beer With Scissor Kick
Have you ever seen someone open a beer bottle like this before? Nicely done!

From a guy opening a beer bottle with a scissor kick to a lucky duck who can swim again thanks to a new foot from a 3D printer, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Guy opens beer with scissor kick

There are many ways to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. You can use a piece of paper, a chainsaw, an iPhone (although not recommended if your company pays for it), a hockey stick or even another beer. But the guy in this video has a much more creative way. He leaps up in the air and scissor kicks the bottle in his friend's hand and somehow the top comes off. Although something tells me that isn't an average beer. Just look at the size of it. In fact, it appears to be the Brazilian beer Brahma. The most interesting way I know is by using the edge of a table. Looks like I have some work to do if I'm ever going to compete with this guy.

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2. Texas firefighter saves cat in burning home

When California firefighter Cory Kalanick entered a burned home, he was just looking for what to salvage. What he found was a lifeless kitten about the size of his hand lying on the floor. Kalanick picked the limp animal up, took it outside and put it down on his glove to protect it from the hot road. He then grabbed an oxygen tank and put the mask over the kitten while pouring cool water on it. After 15 minutes with the oxygen and the water, Kalanick managed to massage the tiny animal back to life. The firefighters named it lucky.

3. One-legged duck gets new foot from 3D printer

3D printing has come a long way in a very short period of time. These new type of printers are being used to make everything from a functioning ear to a jaw bone and from a gun to a bra. But for one duck, it seems most impressed with its new foot. Buttercup the duck hatched last year in a school lab with a backward left foot. It was amputated in February because he couldn't walk well on it. The lab contacted the Feathered Angels sanctuary and founder Mike Garey decided to help the duck swim again. So Garey contacted a company that specializes in 3D printing and the company scanned the duck's sister's left foot, created a mould and then cast a silicone foot for the duck.

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4. Dog nearly run over at Tour de France

A little white dog gave cyclists in the Tour de France quite the scare Sunday when it bolted out onto the road during the second stage in Corsica. With only about four kilometres left in the stage, the dog ran across the road, then ran back to the middle and stayed there for a second. A man took a few steps into the road in an attempt to rescue the dog, but when he looked up and saw the mass of cyclists, quickly ran to the side as the dog luckily ran to the other side.

5. The easiest person to scare

It must be really hard for this person to go into work, or anywhere for that matter. He seems to be scared every time someone is close to him and he turns around. But in all fairness, whoever is holding the camera is sneaking up on him.