Must-see videos of the week: Oct. 11

Alina Seagal
Banksy Stuffs Meat Truck with Cuddly Toys
Banksy’s lastest creation as part of his month-long residency in New York is a slaughterhouse truck packed with soft toys, which was scheduled to hit the Meatpacking District of Manhattan per his webiste, on October 11. This video, posted on that date, shows the installation entitled ‘The Sirens of the Lambs’ on Court Street in Brooklyn (at 30 seconds). Credit: Banksy

This week's must-see videos will show you how to deal with those pesky subway-door holders, law-breaking parking enforcement officers and strangers in need of a kind gesture. But first, check out the latest handiwork of the legendary street artist Banksy.

1. Banksy stuffs meat truck with cuddly toys

Surely you've heard of Banksy's politically-charged graffiti art, making statements on the walls of London and West Bank alike. Some New York City entrepreneurs have even been charging enthusiasts for a chance to see Banksy's latest public installations this month. But here's one Banksy work N.Y.C. residents were able to see and hear for free. This "Sirens of the Lambs" exhibit a slaughterhouse delivery truck stuffed with toy animal made its way across Manhattan’s Meatpacking District on Friday. Can you guess what the artist was trying to say with it?

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2. A subway rider gets revenge

Picture this: it's early, you're groggy and worried about running late for work. The subway, as always, goes through several signal outages and you are getting stressed out. Suddenly, one inconsiderate rider jumps in and starts blocking the door, but the rider's companion is nowhere in sight. Frustrating, isn't it? The person in this video seems to have figured out a way to deal with the situation.

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3. Simple acts of kindness

This Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to reflect on your actions. Sometimes, just saying thanks isn't enough. Watch the video above to get an idea of how you can give back to your own community and make someone's day brighter.

4. Videographic: Destroying chemical weapons

This Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize went to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The agency is working to get rid of the world's chemical weapons and its inspectors have recently assessed Syria. This videographic explains everything you need to know about the destruction of chemical weapons.

5. Man confronts parking officer who parks illegally

With people ready to videotape you in the act, it must now be increasingly more challenging to break the law. Watch this man, who takes handicapped parking violations very seriously, confront an officer. Would you have spoken up in his case?

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