Marching band forms Harry Potter, Superman in dazzling show

Lindsay Jolivet

The Ohio State University marching band has made headlines with its second straight half-time show performance, following up a moon-walking Michael Jackson tribute with formations that brought a giant Harry Potter and Superman to the field.

On Oct. 19, the marching band that likes to call itself "The Best Damn Band in the Land" performed The Way You Make Me Feel while marching into the shape of the late star, then gliding him into the splits. Their performances of some of Jackson's other hits featured a selection of visual tributes including album cover art and the letters B-A-D.

It was a tough act to follow, but Ohio State marched back onto the field this Saturday at haf-time during a game against Penn State, and this time they brought Harry Potter and Superman.

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The nearly nine minute-long video of their most recent performance has been viewed more than 2.4 million times on YouTube since Oct. 26. In it, Superman flies up to a toppling building, pushing it back into place, and Harry Potter catches the Snitch while riding his broom. The show also featured a T-Rex and an Ohio State battleship sinking their opponents, Michigan State.

At times, the spectacular moving shapes make it hard to remember you're watching individual people marching on solid ground and not a riveting game of Quidditch.