Man aiming for bothersome raccoon sneezes, shoots himself in the leg

Lindsay Jolivet
August 27, 2013
Man aiming for bothersome raccoon sneezes, shoots himself in the leg

A sneeze and a raccoon were the dangerous combination that landed an elderly Connecticut man in hospital this weekend after he shot himself instead of the pestering animal he was targeting.

The New Haven Register reported James Pace, Sr., an 81-year-old man, was annoyed with a raccoon that kept returning to scratch at his door. He staked out the porch with a .22 rifle and waited for the raccoon to come back with the intention of shooting it, according to the local newspaper.

But then he sneezed and tumbled out of his chair, accidentally shooting himself in the shin in the process. The New Haven Register reported Pace's son brought him to the hospital where he was treated, but his injuries weren't life-threatening.

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Police are investigating the incident, according to the story.

Perhaps Pace could deter the raccoon from bothering him by using Hannah Montana body spray, jokingly marketed as "coon repellent" in a viral video by raccoon-lover Mark 'Kuhn Rippy' Brown, the man who dances with raccoons.

By now, however, the animal Pace was after might be slinking away like this tightrope-walking raccoon in Toronto who escaped from who-knows-what by balancing between a set of power lines.

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