Hair fishing: the latest in outdoor sports

Lindsay Jolivet

We've featured big fish, hand-caught fish and fish that have caught people's hands, but it seems a group of friends in a new video have invented a new way to catch dinner.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday by Cabot Phillips, a young man says he and his friends are at Camp Hideaway, and they're going to do "some very special fishing." The camera turns toward a man identified as Jake holding out a lock of his long hair, to which he's attached a loop.

"Fishin' with the hair," he says, smiling, before one of his friends secures a worm to the strand. He leans over and the the video shows a splash before he turns around to show a little fish dangling in front of his face.

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His friends declare the catch a victory and cheer triumphantly.

Some commenters have suggested the video could have been faked by catching a fish in advance. But real or not, news organizations have started to circulate the clip and it's already been viewed more than 23,000 times.

I hope this video is one day featured in a Discovery Channel-style documentary about the bizarre entertainment rituals of male, college-aged humans.