Exploding toilet injures New York man

Lindsay Jolivet
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Man sues debt collector for bothering him on the toilet
The Texas man alleges that First Financial Asset Management Inc. call him one morning back in March, but Mack missed the call because he was using the potty.

A New York City man is still treating visits to the restroom like advances into a battlefield after his toilet exploded, injuring him severely.

Agence France-Presse reported Michel Pierre's face, arms and legs were sliced by porcelain shrapnel when he flushed the toilet two weeks ago and it blew up. Maintenance workers had turned off the water in Pierre's 50-year-old Brooklyn apartment building for repair work on Oct. 2, according to AFP. When Pierre pulled the flusher on his toilet to test for water pressure, a forceful explosion launched him backward, knocking him unconscious.

ABC News reported Pierre plans to sue the building's management and the co-op board for negligence with representation from Sanford Rubenstein, a personal injury attorney.

"In my 40-year career, this is the first time I've ever represented a victim with injuries sustained from a toilet bowl," Rubenstein told ABC News.

Since the incident, Pierre has tied a rope to his toilet and he hides behind the bathroom door each time he flushes the toilet because he's afraid, according to Sky News.

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Theresa Racht, the lawyer representing the co-op board, told AFP three other toilets in the building also exploded, possibly because of air pressure built up in the building's pipes. However, Racht suggested the explosion was simply a terrible accident.

Last year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 9,400 toilets in Canada and 2.3 million in the U.S. because of a manufacturing flaw with the flushing device that caused some models to explode.

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