Disturbing images appear to show Egyptian protesters leaping from a bridge

Lindsay Jolivet

Shocking video and photos from Cairo appear to show Egyptians jumping from a bridge on Friday, reportedly to escape gunfire.

BuzzFeed reported gunfire broke out on Friday near the Sixth of October bridge in Cairo where protesters had staged sit-ins.

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Tweets and images posted online show people jumping over the bridge's railing and sliding down a wire to reach the street below or leaping into free fall. It's unclear how many are injured or how seriously.

Others tweeted about hearing gunfire, saying the protesters were trapped on the bridge during a conflict. A video shows some of the people descending from the bridge. The crowd screams as one person leaps.

Another clash between supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi and authorities reached the same bridge on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post. A video from that incident appears to show protesters pushing a police vehicle off the bridge.

More than 600 people died in conflicts on Wednesday, according to the CBC, and at least 37 died on Friday during what the Muslim Brotherhood had labelled the "day of rage."