Discovery Channel filmmaker has tense standoff with black rhino

Lindsay Jolivet

When your office is the jungle, business meetings can be tense.

A Discovery Channel filmmaker survived an edgy meeting with an endangered black rhinoceros during a recent filming session, though it nearly ended with the animal's sharp horn where it didn't belong.

Kim Wolhuter was filming at Southern Zimbabwe's Maililangwe Game Reserve for the new show Man, Cheetah, Wild, when he spotted a rare black rhino standing nearby, according to Grind TV. Refusing to miss the chance to film the elusive rhino up close, Wolhuter left the vehicle and approached to set up a shot of the majestic beast.

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Majestic, sure, but black rhinos can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and they can run 50 km per hour, as the cameraman with Wolhuter, Julz Braatvedt, says in the Discovery footage.

And we mustn't forget about the rhino's powerful horn, which was pointing directly at the filmmaker within a few moments. The rhino, becoming aggressive, stamped its feet and threatened to charge.

Wolhuter survived his rhino meeting unscathed, but another Discovery Channel producer, Steve Rankin, fared worse this spring when when a venomous snake bit his foot, eating away some of his flesh and leaving a gruesome wound.

His colleague Bear Grylls tweeted a photo of the snake bite, which Rankin told TMZ was left by a deadly species called Fer-de-Lance.