California divers narrowly avoid the jaws of a humpback whale

Lindsay Jolivet

Two divers in central California nearly re-enacted a scene from Finding Nemo last week when they came between humpback whales and their food.

Shawn Stamback uploaded a video showing the moment the whales burst out of the water sending he and his fellow diver, Francis Antigua, howling as they scramble out of the way.

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The divers were with a charter off Morro Bay, Calif., according to GrindTV. They were fortunate — or foolish — to have seen the whales close up without colliding with those huge, gaping jaws.

But the divers never had an opportunity to ask the whales how they tasted, because monstrous mammals, which can weigh up to 40 tons, breached the surface beside them rather than beneath them.

Whales don't eat people, they eat krill and other small fish. Like the sardines thunking into the camera in the video, as they swim away for their lives.

A mammal expert at the National Marine Fisheries Service told GrindTV the divers were lucky they weren't seriously injured or killed by the force of an impact with a whale on the hunt.

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A humpback whale in British Columbia collided with and injured a boater in May, prompting warnings from authorities about using caution on the water.

Stamback and Antigua made it unscathed and with a whale of a tale to tell their grandkids one day.