Brazilian man builds own wheelchair ramp in frustration with city government

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A Brazilian man making headlines this week might not be able to walk, but that didn't stop him from staging a productive protest against his city government by building his own wheelchair ramp.

Samuel de Oliveira from Juína, Brazil is a paraplegic who often visits his city's health clinic. But since the building has no wheelchair ramp, doctors must treat he and other patients with disabilities outside in the street, according to G1 Globo.

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This week the news outlet reported he finally gave up waiting for local government to meet his needs. Oliveira showed up outside the healthcare building with trowel and wood in hand, ready to build his own way inside his community's public spaces.

G1 Globo reported Juína's mayor had apologized and said he would work to improve the situation.

Oliveira's action has received international attention after a user on Reddit shared the story online. The post has received more than 1000 comments since it was submitted on Thursday.

Others have employed creative forms of protest with effect. For example, Russian citizens wanting to hold their government to account decided toys could protest for them. Tiny toy penguins, rabbits and dolls placed outside in Barnaul, Russia in February carried signs with messages of dissent.

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Russian authorities declared toys couldn't protest because they aren't Russian citizens, according to the Guardian.