Amateur photographer’s video sparks Loch Ness Monster speculation

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Open your minds and suspend your disbelief, because a blurry black line from a photo taken in Scotland is fuelling speculation the legendary Loch Ness Monster has resurfaced to tease us.

Amateur photographer David Elder was photographing a swan at Fort Augsutus on Loch Ness, according to GrindTV, when he saw the waters rising up at a distance, suggesting something big was lurking beneath. Or maybe suggesting there was a wave.

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Pictures show the wave forming, dark against the calm blue waters, but Elder told the Mirror that a "solid black object" beneath the water was the real mystery. He also recorded a video of the unknown object moving the wave.

"Here we are at Fort Augustus, something moving in the water at Loch Ness, no idea what it is," he says over the footage, which was uploaded by the Daily Mail.

Sadly, he didn't dive in to greet whatever was lurking under the water. Still, the new footage may keep believers' imaginations alive for a while longer, just as the 1930s photo kept Nessie followers searching until it was revealed six decades later as a hoax staged with a toy submarine.

The evidence remains dubious, as always, and an Italian geologist recently asserted his theory that the monster of Loch Ness is nothing more than an illusion caused by an underwater fault line.

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