New York’s Sherman writing Fox News book

Michael Calderone
Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman has signed on with Random House to write a book on Fox News, which will include Fox News chief and founder Roger Ailes as a central character.

The book will be titled "The Loudest Voice in the Room: an inside account of the rise of Fox News," according to a Random House spokeswoman. Jonathan Jao will edit the book, which was brought to auction by Gail Ross at Ross Yoon Agency.

Sherman, a contributing editor at New York magazine, penned a cover story last year on the cable news universe and how both MSNBC and CNN are trying to catch up to the ratings leader. Sherman's deeply reported piece—appropriately titled "Chasing Fox"—made The Cutline's 2010 list of top long-form magazine writing.

Sherman has also written on the media for The New Republic, including a cover story on the "messy collapse" of the Washington Post and the newsroom debate at the New York Times before the paper's editors finally published a salacious front-page story on John McCain and a female lobbyist. (He also covered print media for the New York Observer, where he and I were colleagues.)

Correction: This post originally stated the book will be a Roger Ailes biography. It will not be. The focus is on Fox News, where Ailes is clearly a major force.

(Photo of Ailes at Fox News on Sept. 29, 2006: Jim Cooper/AP)