Where to read the Sarah Palin emails online

Joe Pompeo

The widely anticipated Sarah Palin emails are out, released this morning by the state of Alaska some three years after news outlets first filed public-records requests to obtain them. Said news outlets are now poring over the 24,199 pages' worth of documents, some with crowd-sourcing help from readers.

Where to find the emails online? The New York Times has a useful interactive feature set up. As do the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, whose template appears to be the most user-friendly. You can also find the emails here.

As with all major news events--if you can call the act of reading Palin's electronic correspondence a "major news event"--email-gate is being dutifully live-blogged. For the latest updates, we'd recommend heading over to Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Salon, The Guardian, ABC News or MSNBC.

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)