Rush Limbaugh calls National Organization for Women ‘Nags’

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

Rush Limbaugh chided the National Organization for Women and its president, Terry O'Neill, on his syndicated radio show on Tuesday, over comments she made at the group's convention in New Orleans.

"All of this outrage that they have been spewing for a weekhow horrible it's been, how uncouth," Limbaugh said. "Just listen to her describe it."

Limbaugh, whose show has lost dozens of advertisers in the fallout over his comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, then played a clip from O'Neill's speech on Saturday at the NOW convention.

"Right now it really seems like we've got this godsend named Rush Limbaugh who has dropped this thing in our lap," O'Neill said. "Which is just wonderful. But the road ahead is really not gonna be completely rosy.  We've got to be very clear on what the challenges are, and very clear about how we can move our own agenda forward in the current political climate."

Earlier this month, NOW called on Clear Channel to pull the plug on Limbaugh's show in the wake of his derogatory comments about Fluke.

"I thought they were outraged," Limbaugh said. "I thought they were offended. I thought it was the worst thing they ever heard anybody say.  [Now] it's 'wonderful.'  What a political opportunity."

Limbaugh, who refersto NOW members as "Nags" (an acronym for the "National Association of Gals") continued: "A godsend! The Nags called me a godsend. So not only am I God's gift to Obama, I'm God's gift to women."

He also used the results of Monday's CBS/New York Times poll, which found 80 percent of those polled are not better off than they were in 2008, to frame his views on financial support for contraception.

"What the women of America want is jobs," Limbaugh said. "They want an expanding economy, so we don't have to beg the government for their birth control pills."

Fluke appeared on CNN Tuesday in an attempt to refocus the debate away from the controversy surrounding Limbaugh's comments about her testimony and back to the birth control issue.

"It's unfortunate that some folks have made it so much about me and my access, because that was not what my testimony was about," Fluke said. "I would encourage people to take a look at that testimony."

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