News Corp. journalist arrested in phone-hacking inquiry

Dylan Stableford
November 4, 2011

The U.K. investigation into phone hacking at News International has produced another arrest.

The company confirmed that British police arrested a journalist at The Sun, News International's tabloid, on Friday. "A News International employee has been arrested by police and the company is cooperating fully with the investigation," the spokesman said.

Reuters first reported news of the arrest of an unidentified 48-year-old man in connection with an investigation into alleged payments to police.

Scotland Yard said the arrest was part of that investigation, dubbed Operation Elveden.

In its own story on the arrest, the Wall Street Journal--which, like The Sun, is owned by News Corp.--was quick to point out that News International "officially opened a long-promised plan under which victims of the tabloid's voicemail interceptions can apply for compensation."

The company is hoping that phone-hacking victims will settle rather than suing in court. That arrangement could help the company control its mounting legal fees related to the hacking scandal. Earlier this week, News Corp. reported that it had incurred $90 million in "special charges" during the latest quarter--much of that due to the ongoing investigation.

Metropolitan Police said on Thursday that as many as 5,795 people were victims of News of the World's phone hacking--and that the figure could go even higher.

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