Murdochs re-elected to News Corp. board by wide margins

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

News Corp. has filed the final tally of votes from last week's contentious annual stockholder meeting. As expected, the Murdoch family and Murdoch supporters, who control the vast majority of News Corp. voting shares, dominated the votes.

The stockholder proposal that the board require its chairman to be "truly" independent, and that the chairman and CEO roles--both held by Rupert Murdoch--be split was voted down. The final tally, in total shares, filed with the SEC on Monday:

A stockholder proposal raised from the floor of the Annual Meeting requesting that the Board of Directors require that the Chair of the Board be an independent member of the Board of Directors failed and was voted upon as follows:

For: 1,517,604
Against: 680,583,000

Rupert Murdoch, sons Lachlan and James, and COO Chase Carey were re-elected to the News Corp. board, each by wide margins:

Chase Carey
For: 602,447,396
Against: 61,635,859
Abstain: 1,453,289

James R. Murdoch
For: 433,028,510
Against: 232,013,203
Abstain: 494,831

K. Rupert Murdoch
For: 561,685,725
Against: 91,798,107
Abstain: 12,052,712

Lachlan K. Murdoch
For: 440,906,956
Against: 224,151,616
Abstain: 477,972

The re-election of James Murdoch--closest among the Murdoch clan to the recent British  phone-hacking scandal--received the most shareholder resistance of any current board member.

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