In Media Res: ReadyMade folds; Paris Review gets digital

Joe Pompeo

Brown is bananas: If there's one thing the world needs, it is another Tina Brown profile. This time she gets the Vogue treatment: "When she returns, she flops down on the banquette, fixes those steely blue eyes on mine, and says, 'This is some week.' Not that there is any other kind for Brown these days. As the newly installed editor in chief of [Newsweek], as well as the head of the two-year-old Web site the Daily Beast, she is lucky if she gets four hours of sleep a night. 'It's bananas,' says Brown." She sure does love her lingo.

Another one bites the dust: Meredith has shuttered the popular DIY magazine ReadyMade and eliminated 75 jobs in the process. "Positioning Meredith for continued growth requires periodic realignment of resources, including how we deploy our workforce," Meredith Chairman-CEO Steve Lacy said in a statement to AdAge.  "These actions will enable us to devote additional resources to key strategic growth initiatives, including digital platform expansion."

Vertical vertigo: Breaking! The Huffington Post is launching a new vertical. First the site gave us divorce. Then it gave us Canada. Now, get ready for Huff/Post 40, a site launching in August for the Baby Boomer set. Actress Rita Wilson has been tapped as editor-at-large. "Calling the site 'Huff/Post 40' was her idea," said Arianna Huffington in a statement. "Her belief that it's never too late to follow your dreams makes her the perfect godmother for Huff/Post 40 as it takes shape." "It's never too late to mix things up, change your life, to get to what you really should be doing--or want to be doing," Wilson added. Cue Mark Twain quote: "'Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.' I can't wait to get started." Next up? We hear the site is currently at work on launching a gay vertical.

Beach reading: The Paris Review has mounted a new iPad app to position itself more aggressively in the digital market. With the release this week of its summer issue, the lit mag is offering readers its first ever digital edition. And it sounds like a doozy of a read: "Whether you're on the beach, in transit, or just enjoying the long days at home, this is an issue to get lost in," writes online editor Sadie Stein. "Find fiction by Jonathan Lethem, Amie Barrodale, and David Gates and the continuing story of Roberto Bolaño's lost novel The Third Reich, with original illustrations by Leanne Shapton."

Counting down: We leave you with this--a promo for Keith Olbermann's brand new prime time show on Current TV, which debuts Monday. Olbermann's pre-premiere press tour will arrive at its final destination Friday morning, with a conference call in which reporters will get the "unique opportunity to hear from Keith Olbermann and ask him questions about his much anticipated week-nightly commentary show," according to an invite sent out this afternoon. Enjoy:

(Evan Agostini/AP)