Media chart of the day: Earthquake causes page load delay

Dylan Stableford

If you experienced a delay loading Web pages in the aftermath of today's 5.9 magnitude earthquake, you may not have been alone.

The operators of, a ticket search site for concerts and sports events, saw a pronounced spike in Web page response time. Its servers just happen to be located at Amazon Web Services' data hosting center in northern Virginia, near the quake's epicenter.

As you may recall, those cloud-based servers experienced a major outage in April, causing dozens of popular websites--including Foursquare and Conde Nast-owned Reddit--to crash.

However, Tuesday's quake did not appear to affect Foursquare users; more than 20,000 checked into the "Earthquakepocalypse" venue on Foursquare. Unlike the real quake, it was located in New York.