We’ll be back shortly …

Joe Pompeo

The Cutline--along with what seems like half the media world this week!--will be on vacation until after Labor Day. If any big news breaks, the blog may be updated, but otherwise, you can expect posting to resume as usual on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

In the meantime, we leave you with some reading to catch up on in between your end-of-summer barbecues and beach trips (warning: much of it is pretty somber fare!), beginning with the following profiles contributed by members of the Upshot blog team as part of the Yahoo! News "9/11 Remembered" series:

Rachel Rose Hartman: Memorial mission after brother's loss

Laura Rozen: Widow accepts Afghanistan mission after 9/11 twist of fate

Chris Moody: Surfer witnesses 9/11 attack

Dylan Stableford: Reporter turns to 9/11 experience during war coverage

Joe Pompeo: Photographer behind 9/11 "Falling Man" retraces steps, recalls "unknown soldier"

We'd also recommend visiting Down But Not Out, a Tumblr blog that two of our colleagues have created as a forum for America's long-term unemployed to share their stories. As we wrote back in July: "It's a beautiful marriage of social media and long-form narrative story-telling." A sample from the latest entry: "I'm 38. Have a 3 year-old-son. I have a Masters and Bachelors in social science (my first mistake) and I wonder why I ever got an education." The rest are here.

And as always, be sure to read our sister blogs, The Ticket (politics), The Lookout (national affairs) and The Envoy (foreign affairs).