Journalist attacks continue in Egypt: CBS’s Logan detained; ABC crew threatened with beheading

Michael Calderone
February 3, 2011

The attacks against journalists in Egypt—which began as violent supporters of President Hosni Mubarak hit the streets Wednesday—show no sign of slowing down.

CBS chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan and her crew were detained today by Egyptian police outside the Israeli embassy, according to Time magazine.

Just yesterday, Logan spoke about her crew being confronted by soldiers and Mubarak's police and marched at gunpoint to their hotel. You can watch below:

An ABC News crew was detained earlier today and released—but not before going through a horrifying ordeal.

ABC correspondent Brian Hartman, his cameraman Akram Abi-hanna and two other ABC News employees were carjacked while heading to Cairo's airport today. At one point, Hartman recalled, "a man in police uniform came up to me and said, 'So help me God. ... I am going to cut off your head.'" Another man called for cutting their necks.

The crew was saved when Abi-hanna made an appeal to one of the group's elders, telling him that Hartman is his guest and that "Egyptian people are better than this."

Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot and cameraman Olaf Wiig were beaten by Mubarak supporters yesterday and were hospitalized overnight. Fox's John Roberts said on Thursday that the "extent of their injuries was fairly grave," but they have been released from the hospital. You can watch below: