Will Herman Cain be asked about sexual harassment charges at tonight’s debate?

Dylan Stableford

Will Herman Cain face more questions about the mounting number of sexual harassment charges against him at tonight's debate? A spokeswoman for CNBC told Yahoo News that it will be up to the debate's moderators, Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood--but there are no ground rules that say the issue cannot be broached.

"There are ground rules in terms of how much time candidates have to respond but no ground rules or restrictions on what questions we ask," the CNBC spokeswoman said.

Those ground rules:

A candidate receiving a direct question from a moderator is allowed a 60-second response. The candidate is allowed a 30-second response to a follow-up question by a moderator. There may be single questions asked to the field of candidates. Each candidate will be allowed 30 seconds to answer that question.

"All other responses will be at the moderator's discretion," she said.

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