Glenn Beck’s new studios in Texas were also the filming site for Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’

Dylan Stableford

A day after declaring that he was "so done" with New York City, Glenn Beck announced on Thursday that he's found a new home for his radio and GBTV studios in Texas.

Beck's Mercury Radio Arts plans to build a new studio at The Studios of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas--the same location where  Oliver Stone's conspiracy minded "JFK" was shot.

Other movies were filmed in the facility, including "Talk Radio" and "Born on the Fourth of July"--both Stone projects---and "Robocop." It's also supplied the setting for  television shows like "Prison Break," "The Deep End" and "Lone Star."

"I have come to know and respect the people of Texas and could not be more excited," Beck said in a statement provided by his production company. "We are proud to become part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are eager to become good neighbors and members of the local community."

The controversial talk-show host left Fox News in June, and launched GBTV, a two-hour Web TV show, on Sept. 12 from a newly built set in Midtown Manhattan. (Mercury Radio Arts will maintain its New York offices.)

Beck had been eyeing a former Dallas-area megachurch for his fledgling Web TV operation. Beck has also announced that he will personally move to Dallas next week.

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