FIRST CUTS: WSJ gauges U.S. phone-hacking impact; New Yorker’s iPad success

Joe Pompeo
August 1, 2011

Our list of stories that should be on your morning media menu:

• The Wall Street Journal is attempting "to gauge whether News Corporation's problems in Britain have become a serious issue in the United States" through a reader survey. (NYT/Media Decoder)

• Piers Morgan is on the defensive. (Wall Street Journal)

• Where was CNBC when the debt deal was reached? (Inside Cable News)

• The New Yorker now has 100,000 iPad readers, 20,000 of whom have purchased $59.99-per-year subscriptions. (New York Times)

• PBS is planning a British channel. (NYT/Media Decoder)

• NATO is trying to knock out Libyan state TV. (New York Times)

• Network anchors descended on Washington to cover the looming debt deadline. (TV Newser)

• Al Jazeera is expanding its sports footprint. (New York Times)

• Journalists are due to go on strike at the BBC. (The Guardian)