FIRST CUTS: WikiLeaks says NYT ‘has got to go’; What’s next for MSNBC ?

Joe Pompeo

Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• Tunisia's interim government shut down the country's "oldest and most popular private television network." (New York Times)

• WikiLeaks declared in its Twitter account yesterday that "the NYTimes has got to go. It can not be repaired. It is a hopeless government shill." Looks like the WikiLeaks-NYT feud is still on. (Business Insider/The Wire)

• With Keith Olbermann gone, where does MSNBC go from here? (The Wrap/Media Alley)

• A hint at Olbermann's next move in his Twitter bio? (Mediaite)

• "In the sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, hair salons and studio lots of this sprawling metropolis, the notion that The Times remains one of the best newspapers still in business is a foreign one," writes Jeremy Peters. (The New York Times)

• An iPad app for The Guardian is "in the early stages of development," says the paper's online editor. (paidContent)

• Newsweek's union is heading into final talks with its new joint parent company. (AdWeek)

• Andrew Alexander has filed his final column as Washington Post ombudsman. "The Post's journalistic quality has declined," he writes. (WaPo)

• MSNBC gets the Taiwanese animation treatment. (YouTube/Next World Animation)

• Film criticism is thriving online, says Roger Ebert. (Wall Street Journal)