FIRST CUTS: Time Warner cable gets cheaper; Magazine ad pages on the rise

Joe Pompeo
Media Reporter
The Cutline

Welcome to First Cuts, a daily roundup of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• Keith Olbermann takes Roger Ailes to task for calling NPR managers Nazis. (Mediaite)

• A Fox News panel with Judy Miller bashes fellow Fox Newser Sarah Palin during a commercial break. (The Wrap)

• Meanwhile, Jon Stewart lampoons the Palin "Family Media Circus." (Mediaite)

• The ad pages of 149 monthly magazines rose more than 4 percent in 2010. (min Online)

• Time Warner is going to try out a cheaper cable subscription package. (New York Times)

• Slate media critic Jack Shafer contends that high-end subscription Bloomberg Government launch shows that "Journalism isn't dead. It's just going up market." (Slate)