FIRST CUTS: Snowstorms are good for ratings; The Wrap turns two

Joe Pompeo
Media Reporter
The Cutline

Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• Keith Olbermann's exit seems to have helped MSNBC's ratings. (Business Insider/The Wire)

• Also great for ratings? Snowstorms. (Huffington Post)

• David Carr: "Journalism's new superhero." (Wired/Underwire)

• "Patch is a huge waste of money," and it has Nicholas Carlson "worried about Tim Armstrong's ability to run AOL." (Business Insider/Silicon Alley Insider)

• The Wrap turns two. (The Wrap)

• Rodale responds to plagiarism accusations against Men's Health editor-in-chief Dave Zinczenko. (Gawker)