FIRST CUTS: Reporters’ food being spiked in Libya?; Heffernan lands on NYT op-ed page

Joe Pompeo

Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• Two Reuters journalists are missing in Syria. (Reuters)

• In the Libyan capitol, the government controlled media circus is becoming more "surreal" every day--some foreign journalists even fear their food is being spiked with sedatives. (NPR)

• The four New York Times journalists recently captured in Libya recall their harrowing ordeal in a Times video segment. (New York Times)

• Following her recent departure from The New York Times Magazine, Virginia Heffernan has landed on the Times op-ed page. (Adweek)

• "Is it immoral to jump the wall" blocking off New York Times online content, Megan Garber asks? (Nieman Journalism Lab)

• The Washington Post, AP, Dow Jones, Gannet and a slew of other major media organizations have jointly issued a cease & desist letter to the iPad news reader app Zite, citing copyright violations. (AllThingsD/BoomTown)

• Fox News is still the top-rated cable news network, but nevertheless, it has lost 21 percent of its audience so far this year. (Business Insider/The Wire)

• Looks like James Murdoch may already have a Muppet-friendly apartment lined up for his pending News Corp-related move to Manhattan. (New York Observer)