FIRST CUTS: Murdoch not a ‘disengaged boss’; latest Glenn Beck controversy

Joe Pompeo
Media Reporter
The Cutline

Our list of stories that should be on your morning media menu:

• Rupert "Murdoch, who every morning reads avidly from what one former editor referred to as 'the best clippings service I have ever seen,' has never been a disengaged boss, especially from his newspapers." (New York Times)

• Guardian journalist Nick Davies, the most dogged of all reporters on the phone-hacking beat, has landed a book deal about the scandal. (NYT/Media Decoder)

• Glenn Beck has come under fire for likening those who attended political camp at the site of the Norwegian massacre to Hitler youth. (The Guardian)

• Chris Christie's camp has responded to Gawker's lawsuit. (NYT/Media Decoder)

• ABC News has banned the payment of licensing fees for photos and video footage when landing news subjects for interviews. (Daily Beast)

• The Awl has dipped into HuffPo's business side in hiring its new publisher. (The Awl)

• Shakeup at (New York Observer)