FIRST CUTS: Freed journos describe life inside the Rixos; latest phone-hack fodder

Joe Pompeo
August 25, 2011

Our list of stories that should be on your morning media menu:

• "For Murdoch, media has often been about friends and influence." (Los Angeles Times)

• Who's paying Andy Coulson's legal fees? (AP)

• American Journalism Review published a profile of media critic Jack Shafer Wednesday just before Slate laid him off. (AJR)

• Here's Reuters correspondent Missy Ryan's first-hand account of being held captive in Tripoli's Rixos Hotel with three dozen other foreign journalists. (Reuters)

• A similar account from BBC reporters. (Mediaite)

• The BBC defends its Libya coverage and the decision not to have a reporter embed with Sunday's rebel advance into Tripoli. (The Guardian)

• The lesson to be learned from the fake Paul Krugman Google+ incident. (Slate)

• CNBC's Larry Kudlow is reportedly losing ground to Fox Business Network's Lou Dobss. (StreetInsider)