FIRST CUTS: Couric’s successor?; McKinsey’s new mission at Conde Nast

Joe Pompeo

Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• Inside CBS, Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" is the "leading candidate for [Katie] Couric's job should she bolt." (L.A. Times)

• Yet another defection at The Daily. (WWD/Memo Pad)

• McKinsey has returned to Conde Nast--is more cost-cutting in store? (Adweek)

• Jon Stewart tells Bret Baier that the "main thrust [of Fox News is not] objective news gathering." (Mediaite)

• Here's what readers think of the new New York Times Magazine, according to the new New York Times Magazine. (The 6th Floor)

• The Times of London is making some changes to its online paywall. (paidContent)