FIRST CUTS: Breitbart’s validation; Beck’s subscription plans

Joe Pompeo

Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

• With the Anthony Weiner controversy, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart "has established his Web site,, as the place to go with juicy tidbits of a scandal in the making," write Jeremy Peters and Jennifer Preston. (New York Times)

• Also, Breitbart "had no idea [he] was on television" when he crashed Weiner's press conference Monday afternoon, he told Sean Hannity. (Mediaite)

• Glenn Beck will charge fans $5-$10 a month to subscribe to his daily web TV show starting this summer after he leaves the Fox News airwaves. (New York Times)

• Comcast has disputed Bloomberg TV's charge that it is violating an FCC condition to place the business network in the same channel neighborhood as competitors such as the cable giant's own CNBC. (Adweek)

• New York's WNET is taking over the television operations of the New Jersey Network. (New York Times)