FINAL CUTS: NPR under fire (again); which Senator killed the bill?

Michael Calderone

Here are some of the media headlines that managed to evade the full-on blog treatment today:

• Is NPR treating Ellen Weiss the same way it treated Juan Williams? (Slate)

• Meanwhile, Williams can't stop talking about NPR on Fox News. (TVNewser)

• The Atlantic moves into the black. (Folio)

• Which senator killed the whistleblower bill? A new crowd-sourcing project will try to find out. (On the Media)

• Golf Digest, Tiger Woods agree to end monthly column. (New York Post)

• More journalists deny writing anonymous Obama novel. (Daily Beast)

• AP's Terry Hunt named deputy Washington bureau chief (AP)

• Democratic senators want to be more like Chuck Schumer, media star. (Politico)