FINAL CUTS: More on NYT online pay model; Hitchens too unwell to write

Joe Pompeo

Here's our list of headlines that managed to evade the full-on blog treatment today:

• New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. on who will try to game The Times' pay model: "It'll be mostly high-school kids and people who are out of work." (Forbes/Mixed Media)

• Meanwhile, Felix Salmon explains "How the NYT paywall could turn out to be a success." (Reuters)

• And the wife of Times executive editor Bill Keller explains why she tweets. (New York Observer)

• Some Elizabeth Taylor magazine covers through the years. (Business Insider/The Wire)

• Christopher Hitchens, who is battling cancer, was unable to write his latest column for Slate due to his ongoing radiation treatments. (Slate)

• Tom McGeveran digs further into the AOL-Huffington Post re-org. (Capital New York)

• Larry King is giving his first post-CNN Fox News interview tonight. (TV Newser)

• David Letterman to Katie Couric: "Let me tell you something, once you take the anchor chair — that's what you do." (Mediaite)

• Reuters' new editor-in-chief is starting to make some changes. (Talking Biz News)

• Fox Business Network will be rated by Nielsen as of Monday. (TV Newser)