‘The Daily Show’ censored by British television for using Parliament footage

Dylan Stableford

Last month, "The Daily Show" aired a segment about Rupert Murdoch's Parliamentary hearing, including footage of Prime Minister David Cameron being grilled by British lawmakers.

"England is awesome!" Jon Stewart proclaimed on the July 20th broadcast after playing clips from C-SPAN's coverage of Cameron's flogging.

But when the segment—dubbed "Fawlty Powers"—aired in the U.K., it was censored.

"Why?" Stewart asked on last night's show. "We were praising them!"

As it turns out, the overseas edit had nothing to do with praise or insult and everything to do with the law. It's illegal in England to air Parliamentary footage in a comedic or satirical context.

Stewart pointed out that "The Daily Show" now reaches 85 countries, "including such free speech havens as ... Somalia and Saudi Arabia."

Watch both the original segment and Stewart's reaction below: