Conservative blogger ‘punked’ by Bono impersonator

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

Jason Mattera, a conservative blogger and editor of Human Events, thought he had captured a video interview with U2's Bono proving the singer had moved the offices of his ONE charity to avoid higher taxes. Only one problem for Mattera: it was a Bono impersonator.

In the video, shot on Feb. 8 in Los Angeles, Mattera approaches the faux frontman at a party for an autograph, then proceeds to question the impersonator about "dodging taxes on royalties."

But Mattera was actually grilling Pavel Sfera, a professional Bono lookalike whose websiteBonoDouble.comeven carries a quote from Bono's wife, Alison Hewson: "He does look like him."

Mattera, who was on Sean Hannity's radio show Tuesday to promote his would-be coup, told the Washington Post that he had been "punked."

"After scores of interviews with big-time politicians and celebrities, I finally got had," Mattera wrote in an email to columnist Erik Wemple., a site known for its conservative ambush videos, took down its link to the Mattera interview.

[H/T: TPM]

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