CNN announces its sixth Republican debate, the 10th of the campaign

Dylan Stableford

CNN sure loves producing Republican debates. A day after announcing it would co-host a debate in Arizona in December, the cable network added yet another debate to its broadcast schedule.

After co-hosting a debate with the Tea Party Express in Tampa earlier this month, CNN said on Friday it will co-host a debate with the Republican Party of Florida in Jacksonville in late January.

The network previously announced a debate co-sponsored with the Western Republican Leadership Conference for  Oct. 18 in Las Vegas and one with the Arizona Republican Party on Dec. 1. CNN will also co-host a debate on January 19, 2012, in Charleston, South Carolina.

CNN hosted its first debate of the 2012 campaign cycle in New Hampshire in June.

For those of you scoring at home, this will bring the number of Republican debates produced by CNN to six through Jan. 2012. Fox News has broadcast two debates so far. MSNBC broadcast one on Sept. 7 in partnership with with Politico, and Bloomberg TV is set to host its first-ever presidential debate next month at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.