Brett Favre’s Twitter account hacked, says ex-QB’s website

Dylan Stableford
The Cutline

To the delight of late night joke writers everywhere, Brett Favre joined Twitter earlier this month. But according to a statement from the former quarterback's official website, his account—which had been verified by Twitter—was hacked over the weekend.

"Since Monday [March 5] an unknown party has taken over @Brettfavre4 and has been tweeting without authorization," the statement addressed to fans reads.  "At this time neither Mr. Favre or ourselves have any idea who is tweeting for him on his account. It is most certainly NOT him or anyone he is associated with."

Favre joined Twitter on March 2.

"From Friday evening until Sunday night last weekend this account was the actual Brett Favre Twitter page, and was the actual Brett Favre, himself tweeting," Favre's website said. "The last REAL tweet from Brett was to Russell Wilson Sunday evening. Anything after this was an imposter that somehow gained access to his account and began posting bogus tweets. Once again we apologize, and if any news comes up surrounding this disaster we will inform you all immediately."

A representative for Twitter did not return an email seeking comment. But the "bogus" tweets, interspersed with retweets of Favre's fawning fans, were not exactly scandalous.

"Adele is a really great artist," read one tweet published March 5.

"40s are the new 20s," read another.

"Time to mow my lawn, most relaxing part of the day," the @BrettFavre4 account declared on Thursday.

Favre's purportedly unauthorized backup tweeter even denounced Joseph Kony, the guerrilla leader and subject of the "Kony 2012" documentary that lit up the Web this week: "I would like all my followers to retweet this tweet so we can stop Joseph Kony. He is doing terrible terrible things in Uganda."

Late Thursday, the fake Favre appeared to confess: "Okay guys, im now a brett farve parody. im sorry if I offended any of you. I never ment for it to get this big."

"This isn't the real brett farve. I apologize to everyone," the @BrettFavre4 proprietor added, pointing followers to another account, @Favre4Official.

That account, created March 5, has yet to be verified.

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