Usha gets her man: Flickr photo of the day

Michael Clemmer

On the north side of the Himalayas, in faraway Tibet, melt water from the Angsi Glacier rattles down through deep canyons and grows into the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Gathering volume and speed, the water roars through the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, crashing into India as the Siang River. Widening and slowing as it ages, the Siang becomes the sacred Brahmaputra (pictured here) … and thereby hangs a tale.

According to Hindu legend the goddess princess Usha, upon seeing the handsome young prince Aniruddha (grandson of Krishna), used magic to make him her prisoner. Here, by the silk-smooth Brahmaputra River, in the northeastern Indian city of Tezpur (Sanskrit for blood city), Krishna fought the thousand-armed Banasura to free his grandson. He won the battle, but Usha also won her man; she and Aniruddha were married and lived happily ever after. Hare Krishna.

Photograph by Udayaditya Kashyap.

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