Rockaway’s not far away: Flickr photo of the day

Christy Karras

Certain pictures take places millions of people have seen a million times before and make them new. Photographer Vitaliy Z has amped up the colors in the bumpy, stripy clouds above the beach, making the familiar appear exotic. The tiny-looking beachgoers stand out against the sky’s almost psychedelic hues.

Rockaway Beach, a strip of sand on a peninsula at the southern edge of Queens, has long welcomed families from all over New York City looking for a quick break. (The Ramones famously sang about hitching a ride to the place — “it’s not hard to reach” — in the 1970s.) Although this city park is most bustling in summer, people go there year-round, as this September photo shows.

This last summer was especially important for the beach: The beach, the boardwalks and many structures along this stretch went through a major restoration after Superstorm Sandy walloped them in 2012.

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