An interview with Deepak Chopra

Greg Keraghosian
Associate Travel Editor
Deepak Chopra Interview - What Are You Hungry For?

There’s no stress like holiday travel stress, so Yahoo Travel sought the advice of a leading authority in the art of chilling out: Deepak Chopra. Editorial director G.E. Anderson sat down with Dr. Chopra recently, and with help from our followers on Facebook and Tumblr, asked some questions about how the author travels, and about how we can travel better. Watch the video above and you’ll see Chopra cover everything from how to relax when visiting a city (hint: not taking a cab helps), to why he prefers the aisle seat on a plane.

And if you’d like to learn more about the Dream Weaver app that Chopra developed to promote better dreaming, you can find it on the iTunes store.