Honoring the brave and the travelers: Flickr photo of the day

Christy Karras

On the Flickr description for this image, photographer paolo cinque quotes Italian adventure traveler Marco Deambrogio, who says that travel is “to see how it will be the next forest, the next desert, the next person. Give you the freedom to choose where to be tomorrow. Live." Deambrogio lives up to his ideals by trekking across entire continents, often via motorcycle.

The silhouetted statues that reminded cinque of these ideals are in the Maria Pita square of A Coruña in northwestern Spain. The square celebrates a local heroine who helped defend the ancient city when Sir Francis Drake (himself an avid explorer) attacked the city in 1589 as the English warred with Spain. The story goes that when her husband fell in battle, Maria grabbed his spear, killed the English forces’ flag bearer and helped defend the city walls, ultimately pushing Drake back.

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