Hitching his hog: Flickr photo of the day

Michael Clemmer

For thousands of years Mongolian nomads, renowned for their horsemanship, have ridden a horse home to their yurt. A herder once told a reporter, “We Mongols respect (our) horse as our companion night and day … we are nothing without our horses.” Well … enter the motorcycle and some other stuff, too.

The herder may have replaced his noble steed with a motorcycle, but he still comes home to his yurt (or ger) to his wife, kids, a hot meal and … TV? Yes, satellite powered by solar. Cell phone? Check.

Traveling in Narat, Xinjiang, China, Jiaxing (Ruby) Tao photographed these summer gers as they were being taken down for the winter. The rugged motorcycle cowboy, with the blood of Genghis Khan in his veins, is moving to a nearby village for the winter.

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