Bakery sues over ‘cinnamon bomb’ heist

Jeff Stacklin
The Chicago Local

The secret behind the cinnamon bomb has gone missing, and its Evanston, Ill., owner wants it back. And, she's suing to get it.

Susan Davis Friedman, owner of the Fraiche Bakery Cafe, filed a lawsuit against a chef, who resigned two weeks ago and later took two recipe binders, reports the Chicago Tribune. Among the missing recipes is one for the cinnamon bomb.

The chef, who was not identified by the Tribune, says in an affidavit quoted by the Tribune that if Friedman wanted the recipes, "Why didn't she make copies?"

While that's a good question, Friedman's attorney (and husband) Benson Friedman said the recipes belong to Fraiche just like the work of a chemist belongs to his boss.

The lawsuit states the recipes "were developed, assembled tested and honed over the course of 3 ½ years. That work cannot be readily reproduced. The damage to Fraiche's goodwill from the inability to offer these items would be irreparable because it cannot be measured in money damages."

A hearing is scheduled later this week in the case, reports CBS Chicago.

So just how good are these cinnamon bombs? Well, TimeOut Chicago noted them in its "100 best things we ate (and drank) in 2011" list:

"Why call this (admittedly tame-looking) pastry a 'bomb'? Because this moist, cinnamon-dusted cake is unexpectedly addictive. And that's dangerous."

Yum. Hopefully this mess gets settled soon and we can once again get a "cinnamon-dusted" fix.