What Did Al Roker Do After He Pooped His Pants at the White House?

Kathleen Perricone
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After undergoing gastric bypass in 2002, Al Roker learned that 1) he couldn’t eat the same foods he once had and 2) well, if you do, you could involuntarily go No. 2.

During a “Dateline” interview to talk about his tremendous 100-pound weight loss on Sunday night, the “Today” weatherman revealed that while he was at the White House one month after the procedure, he decided to “pass a little gas” after eating something “I wasn’t supposed to” … and boy, did that not go according to plan.

“A little something extra came out,” Roker coyly admitted, without going into further specifics. Luckily for us, NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman spelled it out: “You pooped in your pants,” she told him matter-of-factly. “I pooped my pants,” responded Roker, who quickly added, “But not horribly. But enough that I knew …”

Panicked, Roker, now 58, headed to a nearby restroom to assess the messy situation. “I threw out the underwear,” he explained, “and just went commando. It told me I have to be very vigilant about what I eat.”

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Although the story is kind of funny now, the past decade has been a learning experience for Roker, who has transformed his entire life in the name of health. In order to keep the 100 pounds off, he bikes the two miles to work every morning and has mid-day snacks, like berries. The surgery, he says, “is a means” to weight loss. “It’s just another tool in the tool box to lose weight. You could eat through a bypass – and I have! I’m living proof. I was lucky I was able to put on the breaks and find something to help get me back on track.”

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