Young bride of ex-senator, Maygan Sensenberger, stars as a sex doll in new short film

Andy Radia

Cheers — or jeers — based on your opinion of the following video, to Postmedia News' Marc Weissblott for finding this on YouTube.

Earlier this month, Liberal senator Rod Zimmer, 70, retired from the Senate for health reasons.

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But his young wife, Maygan Sensenberger, continues to get media attention for her fledgling acting career.

Last year, the 23 year old made her film debut in as part of Ottawa's Digi60 film festival, in First Ladies. Sensenberger played the lead role, Grand Mother — the head of state of North America who is in the process of establishing world peace with an all female government.

Well here's her latest project: (Warning: The video includes sexual content and innuendo)

The short is produced by Claude Huard, a Quebec-based writer, producer, director and performer.

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And don't be surprised to see Sensenberger in more projects.

Last year, Yahoo! Canada News spoke to Jo Roulston, the producer of First Ladies, who couldn't stop raving about Sensenberger.

"She was early to auditions, in costume and make-up for the set, lines memorized, helpful towards the cast and crew, she even helped us pack up after the shoot ! In other words,perfect."

Roulston added that Sensenberger could have a future in acting.

"We are working on [a feature film] now," she said.

"We have a role for Maygan in this feature, if she is interested."

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Certainly, Sensenberger has some acting ability and some supporters in the business.

If her career doesn't work out, however, Sensenberger should be okay.

Earlier this month, when Zimmer resigned from the Senate, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation calculated that Sensenberger would collect $532,568 in Zimmer's 'spousal' pension (Indexed to inflation and assuming she lives to age 90).

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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