Twittersphere reacts to hilarious video of John Baird screaming

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

This is one of the stories that's probably going to get lost in all the Senate scandal news this week.

But boy oh boy — any other week, this would be pure link bait.

Kudos to Postmedia News' Glen McGregor for finding and posting this video of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird screaming at an off-camera loud noise during a press conference on Monday.

Baird, of course, is the animated gentleman on the far right.

Here is McGregor's description of the video:

The spectacular wipe-out heard was a Radio-Canada reporter crashing into a glass display case full of metal statues. You can’t make folly like that. Fortunately, no injuries, no property damage. Baird’s “Dean Scream” has been the source of much amusement in his office and, apparently, to him, too.

Baird took to Twitter on Tuesday to laugh off the...ahem..controversy.

Others took to Twitter to laugh with him — at least we think they were laughing with him:

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