The Twittersphere mocks Stephen Harper during cabinet shuffle announcement

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

You have to commend Stephen Harper and the Prime Minister's Office for announcing their new cabinet on Twitter on Monday morning.

As a techie friend of mine put it: 'welcome to the world of social media in 2013!'

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Unfortunately, it didn't go all that smoothly for the PMO.

One of Harper's first tweets, on Monday morning, was about him welcoming four new women to cabinet.

That received a little bit of backlash:

And then Harper — or his staffers — made some mistakes with a minister's Twitter handle.

When announcing that Bernard Valcourt would remain as Aboriginal Affairs Minister, they used the handle @MinBValcourt instead of the correct handle which is @Min_BValcourt.

An enterprising individual jumped on that mistake and launched a fake Bernie Valcourt account:

Alas, the PMO corrected their mistake. Fake Bernie took it in stride.

Yup - welcome to the world of social media in 2013!

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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