Justin Trudeau receives mixed reaction for animated release of his economic policy

Andy Radia

Ahead of this weekend's policy convention in Montreal, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is starting to talk policy.

On Tuesday, the party released this YouTube video which starts out with a 'cute' anecdote about prime minister Wilfrid Laurier and a fable of the wind and the sun.

If you watched it from start to finish — congratulations.

If you didn't, the video does a good job adding a little bit of depth to Trudeau's promise to help the middle class.

Political communications expert Marcel Wieder says that the video is designed to inoculate Trudeau from the impending Conservative Party attacks.

"He starts off by trying to downplay the negative aspects of politics and how he wants to deal with things differently. From there he taps into middle class angst. The issue of income inequality is becoming one of the greatest challenges that Canadians face. " Wieder, the CEO of Aurora Strategy Group, told Yahoo Canada News in an email exchange.

"For Trudeau this starts to frame the debate in the next election and he is trying to set the agenda about what the ballot question should be. By capturing the agenda he will be in a stronger position to repel the attacks by the Conservatives and NDP. After all, when the other parties are attacking they're not able to get their message out.

"Trudeau has been criticized as not being able to articulate an economic message. This video tries address this issue by showing that government can be a positive catalyst for growth. While short on specifics, it gives a direction that Trudeau wants to take the Liberal party."

The Liberal policy convention gets underway on Thursday in Montreal.

Twitter reaction to Trudeau's new video:

(Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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