Democracy watchdog launches ‘Stephen Colbert for King’ campaign

Andy Radia

Move over Queen Elizabeth, Charles and Will — here comes...ahem Stephen Colbert?

Democracy Watch — an independent democracy watchdog — has launched a witty anti-monarchy campaign calling on all Canadians to sign a petition to elect the late-night American television pundit as 'King of Canada.'

"The goal is to rally at least 100,000 Canadians to visit, sign a petition and persuade Stephen Colbert to come to Ottawa later this summer to be crowned the King of Canada on Parliament Hill," notes the Colbert for King press release.

"Behind this fun, provocative “Colbert For King” campaign is a more serious issue – namely, the need for an elected Canadian Head of State. The mass appeal campaign seeks to engage Canadians in rethinking the current system and question the British monarchy as our Head of State. It rallies for an elected Head of State who can challenge the government and enforce the Canadian Constitution."

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In an interview with Yahoo! Canada News, the group's spokesperson Tyler Sommers said they picked Colbert because he'll resonate with Canadians.

"15.2 million adult Canadians and likely their kids want to retire the monarchy and move to something democratically chosen.

"Stephen Colbert is a very funny guy. He uses humour in order to reach large audiences. He gets Canada and talks about Canada often."

Indeed, Colbert often mocks Canada during his on-air monologues: He once called Canada the "poutine-sucking, health-care-addicted nemesis to the north" and another time referenced Windsor Ontario as "Earth's rectum."

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Sommers admits that they haven't spoken to Colbert's people about the campaign but have advised them of it.

"We're hoping that the more signatures we get, the more likely it is to really get involved and hopefully come to Ottawa...and be crowned the King of Canada," he said.

You can sign the petition to help make that happen here.

(Photo courtesy Colbert for King campaign)

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